Go Go Elite Traveller LX
The Mobility Partnership made using the Motability Scheme so quick and simple and they were able to lend me a scooter while my application was being processed, which was a huge relief.
Mrs Louise Armstrong, London


Feather touch disassembly on the Pride Go Go Elite LX mobility scooter.

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Go Go Elite Traveller LX

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Product Description

The Pride Go Go Elite LX is the most advanced travel mobility scooter in the range.

With feather touch disassembly the LX can be quickly and easily broken down into five easy to transport pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing only 33.5 lbs. It has an innovative sprung seat post making it one of the most comfortable travel scooters on the market. The LX also benefits from Pride's exclusive non-scuffing tyres, a wraparound delta tiller with a charging port, LED curb light, and interchangeable coloured panels in blue and red.

The Pride Go Go LX has a maximum range of 10 miles per charge with the standard 12Ah battery pack, or 13 miles with the optional 17 Ah pack.

Product Specifications

Maximum Speed : 4.0 mph
Number Of Wheels : 4
Weight Capacity : 19.9 stone
Batteries : 12 Ah standard
Battery Charger : Off-board charger
Front Tires : 2" x 7" solid
Rear Tires : 2.5" x 8" solid
Ground Clearance : 2.5 inches
Range Per Charge : 10.0 miles
Standard Seat : Folding vinyl seat
Suspension : Seat post suspension
Turning Radius : 44.1 inches
Vehicle Length : 39.5 inches
Vehicle Width : 19.5 inches
Weight of the Heaviest Piece : 33.5 lbs
Weight Without Batteries : 78.5 lbs