Colt Nine
The Mobility Partnership made using the Motability Scheme so quick and simple and they were able to lend me a scooter while my application was being processed, which was a huge relief.
Mrs Louise Armstrong, London


Feather touch disassembly on the Pride Colt Nine mobility scooter

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Colt Nine

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Product Description

This 4 mile per hour pavement scooter has features usually found at much higher price points, such as feather touch disassembly, dual braking and LED lighting.

The Pride Colt Nine is a compact scooter designed for pavement and indoor use; its tight turning radius and non-scuffing wheels make it ideal for shopping trips, and the feather touch disassembly ensure that you can take it anywhere. The delta tiller allows you to adjust hand and arm position reduces arm and wrist fatigue, making longer trips possible.

Features include:

  • Regenerative braking: converts braking energy back into electricity to extend battery life
  • Low profile puncture proof tyres
  • Long life and high brightness LED lighting
  • Back-lit battery gauge

Product Specifications

Maximum Speed : 4.0 mph
Number Of Wheels : 4
Weight Capacity : 23.0 stone
Batteries : 2 x 30 Ah
Battery Charger : 5 amp off-board charger
Front Tires : 3.5" x 9" solid tyres
Rear Tires : 3.5" x 10" solid tyres
Ground Clearance : 2.3 inches
Range Per Charge : 13.0 miles
Standard Seat : Rotating moulded plastic folding seat
Turning Radius : 51.5 inches
Vehicle Length : 45.5 inches
Vehicle Width : 22.5 inches
Weight of the Heaviest Piece : 54.5 lbs
Weight Without Batteries : 128.5 lbs